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History of Crazy Woman Creek

Crazy Woman Creek

Crazy Woman Creek has an interesting story behind it.  One legend involves a white family named Morgan, traveling by covered Crazy Woman Canyon - Crazy Woman Fly Shopwagon, who were attacked by Sioux warriors.  They tomahawked and scalped the husband and three children.  Mrs. Morgan was not killed but was driven out of her mind from witnessing the terrible fate of her family.  However, she had seized an ax and killed four of the attacking Indians who then left her alone.  Supposedly, a mountain man named Johnson chanced upon the scene shortly thereafter, buried the dead family members, but could not persuade the woman to leave the gravesides.  As a warning to the Indians not to bother her, he decapitated the warriors and placed heads upon stakes near graves.  Johnson then built the woman a small cabin and stopped by occasionally to bring her supplies.  Because of her presence on the stream it came to be known as Crazy Woman Creek.  Johnson eventually found her frozen body, apparently dead from starvation.

Crazy Woman canyon can be viewed by traveled near its source in the Big Horn Mountains through it deep gorge and out onto the prairie flat to the east.  Take U.S. Highway 16 west from Buffalo ,Wyoming about 22 miles into the Big Horn Mountains,  Then make a left turn onto Forest Route 33, which is Crazy Woman Canyon Road and the creek runs parallel.  It is a truly beautiful drive.